The seven year old adorable child with rare illness, Audrey Nethrey dances her own dance and is living this life as, what we call without fears of tommorrow. She won heart of America’s darling singer Selena Gomez and they both finally got to meet each other and Audrey totally owned the dance moves.

Audrey has been suffering from a bone marrow condition called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. This rare condition is identified as bone marrow’s failure to produce red blood cells. However, this medical condition doesn’t seem to have broken the spirits of Audrey, as she dances her way out of it. She has already been favourite of internet for her cute zumba skills. (ALSO READ: Selena Gomez wants James Corden to find her a new boyfriend)

Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour was having a meet and greet session, when Audrey and she met. The “Love You Like A Love Song” singer thoroughly enjoyed her dance with Audrey.

Audrey was not a surprise visit to Selena, as  the singer herself has reached out to the adorable child on the her Facebook page after she saw her dance videos and posts. The singer with all her warmth and kindness showed the desire of doing a duet with Audrey.

The ladies surely had an amazing time together.