Dilip Kumar wasn’t keeping well of late and it has been a difficult time for his family. The 94-year-old was recently discharged from the hospital after he was admitted due to dehydration. Many of his loved ones, including actors from the industry went to see him at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Recently Shah Rukh Khan visited the veteran actor and his wife at their home. While talking to Mumbai Mirror about the visit, Saira Banu said, “I saw him (SRK) chanting a dua under his breath and blowing it on Saab’s face.” She fondly shared some moments from SRK’s recent visit to the veteran actor. However, she believes Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t been in touch as much as Aamir Khan or Salman Khan have been. “He (Aamir) goes out of his way to comply with such requests and is constantly in touch. So is family friend Salim Khan and his son Salman. They often drop by, on festivals and occasions like Saab’s birthday,” said Saira Banu.

“Shah Rukh was the one who was difficult to reach over the last two-three years,” added Saira Banu. “When I pointed this out to him, he admitted that he has been out of the country on shoots a lot but promised to be more connected now. Saab taught me that it’s important to be accessible to senior actors when they are old and ailing,” she further added.

Speaking of how Dilip and Shah Rukh are similar, the veteran actress revealed, “I have always said that if we had a son, he might have looked like Shah Rukh. Both he and Saab are a lot alike and have similar hair, which is why I like to run my fingers through Shah Rukhs hair when we meet. This time he asked me, ‘Aaj aap mere baalon ko haath nahin laga rahi hain?”