A Bollywood actress brought to light an appalling incident that happened while she was on board a Delhi-Mumbai flight last night. The 17-year-old actress alleged that she was molested while on the flight, with a middle-aged male passenger sitting behind her tried to feel her neck and back up. She said that the man had his foot rested on her arm rest and she found him caressing her while she was half asleep. The National Award winning actress also revealed how the airlines, Vistara, failed to help her. In their reply, the airlines had ensured detailed investigation into the matter and in a just released statement, they have alleged that she brought the incident to notice only when the flight commenced its descent for Mumbai.

As per an update on ANI, Vistara sources have shared, “The actress shared her ordeal with the crew when the flight started its descent. After landing, the crew inquired about the incident and asked her and her mother if they want to file a complaint but they denied.” The airlines has further claimed that the actress yelled at the accused passenger only during the descent when all the cabin crew was seated because it’s mandatory to have no movement during descent.

The airlines is yet to contact the accused male passenger and meanwhile have summoned all the cabin crew to investigate the incident further. Latest updates coming in from sources say that the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Directorate General of Civil Aviation has also asked Vistara to furnish details of the alleged molestation attempt. As you read this, a police officer has arrived at the hotel where the actress is put up, to take her statement.