Kangana Ranaut has been garnering accolades for her performance in Simran and fans and celebs alike have been going to the theatres in numbers to watch the actress display her magic once again. Among those who watched the film were Aditya Pancholi and wife Zarina Wahab who surprisingly loved Kangana’s performance. According to a report by Spotboye.com, the couple watched the film today and moments after leaving the theatre, the online portal caught up with them and asked them about their views regarding Simran and her performance.

Both absolutely loved her performance and said that it was her best till date. However, obviously, it didn’t end there. Zarina added, “We never had a problem with Kangana as an actor, but she is not a good human being. Even Aditya added, “An actor needs to be a good human being. If and only if, she…” and he walked away. (ALSO READ:Aditya Pancholi Punched Kangana Ranaut, Eyewitness Reveals Shocking Details Of The Physical Assault – Watch Video)

Ahead of the release, Kangana Ranaut had hurled accusations at the husband-wife duo in Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat as well as in an interview with Barkha Dutt. She accused Aditya for having physically abused her and Zarina for having turned her back at her when she needed her the most. In an interview with Spotboye, before going for the film, Aditya revealed that he is not someone who holds grudges against someone for too long. “I want Kangana’s upcoming film Simran to be a big hit. I can never be jealous of her achievements,” he said. He further added that he really wanted to watch the film to see if her performance was worth the “publicity over-drive she created for it”. Well so the husband-wife duo have given their verdict: Kangana is a good actress, but definitely not a good human being. Kangana, are you listening?