Kangana Ranaut recently opened up about her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi on Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat. The actress though had mentioned about her abusive relationship numerous times, she never named him until recently. Pancholi stated that Ranaut’s claims were false. He had said, “he is lying that’s why I am taking legal action against her. I don’t know about other people, but as far as my story goes and what she has spoken about me, she has said all lies. She has to prove that I have done that.”

But now a video of an eye witness who was present when Aditya Pancholi was punching Kangana has come out in support of the actress and made shocking revelations about the whole episode. He said “Years ago, while riding my bike, around 12-12.30 am, I saw a girl screaming in a rickshaw outside J W Marriot Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai. She kept asking the rickshaw driver to drive faster. During this time, a white car suddenly came and completely blocked the rickshaw on the corner of the road. When I looked into the rickshaw, the girl inside saw at me and said ‘please help me’ repeatedly. By this time, a tall, bald man came out of the white car and dragged the crying girl by her hair. I got down from my bike and tried to intervene. The man was Aditya Pancholi and the girl was Kangana Ranaut. Aditya was punching Kangana.”

The eye witness further revealed, “When I went to hold him back, he said ‘Sardarji, don’t meddle, this is a personal matter’. I said ‘if this is your personal matter, solve it inside your house’. By this time, a crowd of 8-10 people started forming and we controlled him. While this was happening, Kangana jumped on the other side of the road and escaped from there. I informed the police and also some journalists from Mid-Day. The way he attacked her, it was very clear case of physical assault. As of today, Kangana Ranaut has taken a stand against Aditya Pancholi, she should register an FIR immediately. I am ready to stand as a witness in court, I am ready to give my statement to the police. ” You can watch the eye witness making shocking revelations in the video below:

The actress revealed shocking details on the show. Over the years, though the actress never named anyone, she had revealed that she was beaten up till she bled at the age of 17 by a man who was her father’s age. On Aap Ki Adalat, the actress told that she went to Pancholi’s wife Zarina Wahab and told her, “I’m a year younger than his daughter. I was a minor. For me, this was all very new – the world that I had come into. I remember going to his wife and meeting her, and I’m like ‘Please save me! I’m younger than your daughter. I’m a minor and I can’t tell my parents.’