Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines ever since her exclusive interviews with Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. The actress, who is best known for voicing her opinions, had shocked the film fraternity with the revelations about her alleged relationship with Krrish 3 co-star Hrithik Roshan. Besides Hrithik, Kangana has also made allegations against actor Aditya Pancholi, among others. Reportedly, Aditya used to physically abuse her and Aditya’s wife Zarina who was aware of this situation did not come for the actress’ rescue.

Recently, Aditya Pancholi, in his latest interview, said that he was the one who made Kangana Ranaut a star. Taking credit for Kangana’s stardom, Aditya, in an interview to Spotboye, said, “She has no right to speak about nepotism because she also got into the film industry through nepotism. If I was not there, who would have sent her to Mahesh Bhatt for one? Agar main uska photo shoot nahi karvata Jatin Kampani se, toh yeh photo shoot kar sakti thi kya? Did she ever stand in a kilometre-long line for an audition? Ask her if she ever gave an audition in her life.”

While the actress kept silent to Aditya’s statements, Kangana’s sister and former manager Rangoli Chandel, who is quite known for taking charge to slam everyone who takes a dig at her sister took to Twitter to call Aditya Pancholi a ‘failed star’. She further wrote that Aditya, who could not make his or his children’s career claims that he made Kangana a star. ALSO READ: (OMG! Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Rangoli Chandel’s Tweets Will Shock You)

In a series of tweets, she wrote, “A failed actor Pancholi claims that he made super star Kangana…he who could not make his own children career…Kangana hs gven 5 audition fr Gangster bfore she gt the jb. She ws nt intrducd 2 Mukesh Bhatt by Pancholi bt Anurag Basu himself. …And Anurag Basu had no contact with Pancholi or his family …..He must use his contacts and give work to his jobless children, why doen’t he send them to Bhatt office ……Because he misbehaved with Mukesh Bhatt when he was working with them in his movie Saathi (1991)since then he is banned in Vishesh films.”

“Yes he gt hr prtfolio done bt Kangana ws an Elite modl she hd hr prtfolio he pretnded 2 guide hr n forcd hr 2 gt new prtfolio whch he paid 4.N frm dere on startd dictatrship I hv paid fr ur folio food house( whch he insistd she stayd in) …… So does that mean he can beat the living day light out of a kid younger than his daughter?” she added. Looks like this war is never ending. Watch this space for more updates.