Actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal took to Twitter just a few days ago and commanded that author and leftist activist Arundhati Roy be tied to the army jeep and used as the human shield instead of the Kashmiri stone pelter. Shockingly, this got a lot of support and validation from his fellow BJP supporters and the majority sided with them, advocating violence against Roy. He further said that Arundhati Roy’s birth certificate is a regret letter from the maternity ward. There were others who said, “This is mild … every Indian should be violent physically with a traitor like Arundhati Roy who always raises her voice against India.” Singer Abhijeet also suggested that she be shot!

While the majority sided with Rawal, Swara Bhaskar was the only sane voice from the industry. She wrote, “Wow!!!!!!! A Parliamentarian has the shamelessness to openly threaten a woman and call for a brutal act of violence on Twitter. Disgusting!.”ALSO READ: Swamy defends Paresh Rawal’s tweet on Arundhati Roy

While this controversy was on, an important detail about the truth behind Arundhati’s statement was unearthed. It was proved that the God Of Small Things author never made a statement like that. It was horribly misconstrued by the right-wing publications and in actuality, Arundhati did not give any interview after her recent visit to Srinagar. But all publications and news channels got on the bandwagon and started circulating this statement, “70 lakh Indian Army cannot defeat Azadi gang in Kashmir: Arundhati Roy gives a statement to Pakistani newspaper!” and claimed that it was made by Arundhati Roy.

Post this, clarification, Paresh Rawal was asked by Twitter to withdraw his statement while the social media platform decided to suspend singer Abhijeet’s account.