Indian comedy collective All India Bakchod is known for their own branded comedy taking pot shots on a wide range of social relevant issues. AIB often finds themselves landing into criticism and unwelcoming problems. Reportedly, this time AIB got bollywood director Karan Johar offended. Karan Johar’s upcoming directorial venture Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has created lot buzz ever since the teaser of the movie went live. ADHM also received a lot of flak for it’s title track for not being so authentic and the same is being said for the second song release from the movie. ‘Bulleya’ is the second song to come out from ADHM and film maker Karan Johar and music director Pritam has been dragged onto social media being criticized for ripping off the opening riff in the song from ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach.

AIB being the comic they are, took a dig on the whole scene in their own branded way. News has it, the post by AIB was not liked much by Karan Johar, so much so that AIB got a call from the man himself asking them to take down the post. He didn’t like the poking business by AIB. However memes related to Bulleya song was not only carried out by AIB itself. The ‘Last Resort’ rip off song became butt of jokes after it released on Friday afternoon.

After receiving calls from Johar’s office and some persuassion, the post was taken off by AIB from their page. Here is what AIB posted:



As it is evident, even though the original post was deleted internet still has it all over. Certainly, censoring AIB didn’t turn any fruitful. Well Karan Johar needs to understand what goes online, stays online.

Also, Karan Johar who is already quite stressed about ADHM clashing with Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay on box office, the panic seems legit. But music director Pritam, who has been a consistent name in ripping off music, putting a blanket on would not be of any help to Karan Johar.

We guess it’s time Mr. Karan Johar should start playing fair.

#AIBCensored trends on twitter, after attempts of Karan Johar censoring the comedy collective for their alleged joke surfaced. This gets as hypocrite as it gets. Karan Johar has himself been a part of much controversial AIB Roast. No comments have been made by both Karan Johar and Tanmay Bhat, the leading man of AIB. (ALSO READ: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song Bulleya plagiarism controversy: Pritam copied ADHM Sufi song from Papa Roach & Iron Maiden!)

Earlier this month Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn had a rough time when both clashed after KRK allegedly claimed of  being bribed by Karan Johar to bring negative publicity to Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay.

Both the movies are much-awaited released of the year 2016 and will be clashing at box office on October 28.