Aksar 2 actor Mohit Madan, who made his debut in Bollywood with a 2015 film Love Exchange, where the actor essayed the character Siddharth Sathe, is geared to enthrall us with his stellar performance in Aksar 2. Helmed by Anant Mahadevan, Aksar 2 is touted to be a suspense thriller and is a sequel to the 2006 film Aksar, which starred Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami; the films had some very popular Himesh Reshammiya songs too. Besides Mohit, the sequel features Zareen Khan (who will show her sensuous avatar in the film), Gautam Rode and Abhinav Shukla in pivotal roles.

Before Aksar 2 was released (November 17), Mohit candidly told us that there are no similarities between the 2006 film and the sequel. He said, “Aksar (first part) was greatly appreciated by the audiences not only for its script but also for its music. But one can’t compare Aksar with Aksar 2, the 2017 film has a different storyline and starcast. If there is any similarity between the two, it’s the genre of the film – a crime suspense. Giving us insights into his character Bachchan Singh, Mohit added, “This character plays the scheming butler. He gets trapped in the process of making easy money and face the consequences of it later.” Expressing his gratitude, the actor thanked his audience as the trailer had interestingly received a great response. He said, “Thank you first of all, as the trailer has been greatly appreciated. In the film, just when you think, you know the climax, it will surprise you with a twist, making it unpredictable. That’s the beauty of suspense thrillers. So, I am sure you’ll appreciate the film too.”

After the audience watches Mohit in this film, I am sure, this eligible bachelor will have a huge female fan following. Mohit, who feels that Aksar 2 will deliver him what he actually deserves, in an exclusive interview with India.com, speaks about his experience working in Aksar 2, his co-stars and a lot more. Excerpts from the interview.

How challenging was this role and movie for you?

Yes, it was quite challenging but I wasn’t hesitant at all when it was offered to me as it had a brand name and as you rightly said, the first film was quite a success. One can’t afford to lose an offer that narrates a nice script, have established actors like Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode and Abhinav Shukla on board and also the producers of course. Seeing these factors, I am sure anyone would like to be a part of this film. But I was scared a little scared to perform the character that I was offered as I didn’t know if I would have been able to do a great job at it since I am not like this character in my real life at all. With the support of the director and my co-actors, I was able to perform it to the best of my abilities.

What veered you to play a character so different from you in your real life?

The fact that I am not at all like my onscreen role in my real life is what attracted me to take up the role. I believe, as an actor, the most important thing is to perform roles that are very different from you. The beauty of being an actor is that you get to play those roles that you have no relevance to in your real life.

What kind of films are you keen on trying?

I’d love to do a comedy or an action film. Comedy is not as easy as you may think it to be. A lot of elements need to be taken care of like the timing of the joke, among others. So, yeah, I would love to try that genre. Also, action because one needs to be physically fit to try it out and I think I am. So yes, these two genres I want to try my hands at. I think, it would be very challenging but I would love to try it out once.

Any comedy film, in recent times, you think you would have done a good job?

None, I think, whoever did those films, did an amazing job. I would love to be part of the Hera Pheri franchise though. I love that film; it is one of my all time favourites.

What do you actually look in a script? What makes you lock a role?

Any upcoming actor, I think, should not shy away from doing roles that are different and versatile; your work should speak for you and ultimately the audiences are the final judge. I am open to trying out any genre but the no 1 thing that will interest me is the script. If the script is interesting and if it could be executed brilliantly, then nothing like it. It’s the script, content that we should be after because the audiences are very intelligent, you just cannot fool them. Also, biopics such as Haseena Parker, Newton, among others, are the kind of roles that I find very challenging and would love to take that up if given an opportunity.

One actress, you wish to work with?

I would love to act with actresses I have grown up watching – Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla. They are one of the most amazing actresses in their times.

Among the new faces in Bollywood, which one of them is one of the best actors according to you?

Many new faces in Bollywood are doing a very good job. The young generation, who have now entered the industry, are multi-talented. From good acting, dancing, singing to being fit and excel at action sequences, they are just amazing. Some actors also have a lot of knowledge about filmmaking.

If you are offered to do a web series or a television show, would you like to take that up?

I have been receiveing many calls from television production houses for TV show, either for a lead role or a prominent role. But it always clashes with some important projects or films. Given a television show goes on for too long, it gets very difficult for me to commit as I am not someone who will commit and then disappear. Well, I am open to web series though, but again the script should be interesting.

Name one movie which made you feel you should have been a part of?

I never look at projects or films and then wonder, “Oh I should have been a part of this.” I never look backward; I always look forward.