Zareen Khan and the makers of Aksar 2‘s war of words has just received another installment. This time the ball was in the makers’ court, and the director of the film, Ananth Mahadevan and producer Narendra Bajaj have hit back. Zareen in her previous interaction with Spotboye had barraged the filmmakers on many grounds. One of them was her minimal clothes in every frame.  She said, “God knows what happened to them sometime later, they wanted me to wear minimal clothes in every frame.”

Reacting to that producer Narendra Bajaj retorts, “Zareen was kept in the loop for everything, a bound script was given to her and nothing since has changed. As for the clothes, she tried everything in Mumbai before we left for the schedule in Mauritius and all the clothes were approved by her. So, I don’t understand her comments.”

Zareen also claimed that after a point there was no line between sensuous and vulgarity, with the long kissing scenes a factor. To that, Bajaj said, “Regarding vulgarity, we don’t come from that school and everything was done with the consent of the actor and in the boundaries of the CBFC.” ALSO READ: Zareen Khan: I Could’ve Been Molested While The Makers Sat And Drank Beer

Ananth on his part says that he worked with a final edited-on-paper script that was given to all actors. “Nobody is more prepared than me in the industry. People come to me for low-budget films with clarity and planning. I found it amusing to read allegations of confusion, extra shots, etc. I rehearse like a play. Every shot was explained during rehearsals.

“Zareen may not have been used to that kind of filming. As for the smooches, I have repeatedly said that a few kisses do not make a film erotic. These days every other film has smooches — even a Karan Johar movie has them. There was nothing vulgar in my film. In fact, we have shot longer kisses, but we didn’t want an ‘A’ certificate because we wanted women to see the film and so edited them. Even the movie is driven by Zareen’s character. She has been through the entire shoot and dubbing sessions and she was quite thrilled with the results. If there was anything to this effect, it would have come out then. She even happily confessed in her interviews that she excitedly looked forward to the female-oriented film! I don’t know if she has been instigated, but whatever she says doesn’t hold water.”