Action choreography is one of the difficult professions to be in considering it involves risking your life every day. Actor Akshay Kumar understands this the most and he has even taken steps to ensure better work structure and full support for stunt artistes working in the industry. Two years after he launched an insurance scheme for them, the superstars once again came out to show instant support to two stunt artistes who got injured during the rehearsals of a song from Akshay’s upcoming film Good Newwz.

A report in Mid-Day reveals that Akshay rushed to the aid of the stunt directors who got injured while practising for his song launch in Chandigarh. He, with the help of the film’s producer Karan Johar, flew one of the stunt artistes to Mumbai in an air ambulance and got him admitted to a hospital in the city. Both the stunt directors named Bittoo and Hari Singh work in the team of popular action director Sham Kaushal. They were sent to Chandigarh to check on the rehearsals of the song Chandigarh Mein from Good Newwz. As part of the performance, they needed to check the winch machine arrangements done at the venue and that’s when they suffered the injuries.

Kaushal himself confirmed the news and revealed the details about the accident. He said both Bittoo and Hari were attached to the winch machine and were performing stunt mid-air. While the first round of the rehearsals went smoothly, the machine collapsed the second time due to a technical malfunction and both the artistes had a freefall from a height of nearly 10-12 feet.

While Hari was discharged from the hospital in a day, Bittoo needed to be taken to Mumbai. When Akshay got to know about this, he immediately had a word with KJo and arranged an air-ambulance for Bittoo. Kaushal added that the actor is currently working in Hyderabad for a film. However, he has been keeping a constant check on the health of the stunt artiste. “Akshay paaji was at a shoot in Hyderabad, but was keeping a constant check on the boys. On Friday, he and Karan’s team arranged for an air ambulance so that Bittoo could be flown down to Mumbai. Now, he has bee advised two months of best rest,” Kaushal said.

The industry is full of stories about Akshay’s discipline, hardwork and all that he does to support the cast and crew of his films. Superstar for a reason!