Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard punches fan at Mumbai airportA video has gone viral showing Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar‘s bodyguard almost punching a young fan outside Mumbai airport. The video shows Akshay walking out calmly, followed by his bodyguards. Akshay is surrounded by young fanboys who want a selfie from him. Even as the actor is obliging them, a young fan is hit by a bodyguard who is right behind Akshay – and for no reason! Akshay turns out, and that’s where the video ends.

Neither did the fan try to get too close nor did he act smart. We think the young man was behaving like a normal fan. Does this video remind you of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie FAN where a superstar’s fan is shown going against him for his obsession with him? (ALSO READ: FAN Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan shines in double role, but his best is yet to come!) Looks like Akshay should intervene before things turn too ugly between his bodyguards and his fans. It will not take much time for his fans to go against him! Watch video!

Akshay recently spent time with trainee police officers at the National Police Academy in Hyderabad. He has played cop in quite a few movies, but a bodyguard in none as far as we can remember. Looks like Akshay needs to give some tips to his bodyguards and security! (Photo and video: YouTube)