Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood’s Khiladi, has taken an initiative for all the stunt man in the industry. The actor who has been performing his action scenes on his own without a body double has expressed his concern for the stuntmen and their safety. Now the actor has decided to do something for this small unit in the industry who are risking their lives without even getting dues for the same. The actor has set up a special initiative for the stuntmen and women of Bollywood by organising an insurance scheme for them.

According to Hindustan Times’ source, “It’s going to be the first-of-its-kind stuntmen insurance system in India. The scheme is the brainchild of Akshay and noted cardiac surgeon Dr Ramakanta Panda, who operated on ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2009.” The actor has always referred to himself as a “stuntman first and then an actor”. Akshay has made it clear several times that stuntman gave life-threatening risks and there is no insurance for them and this initiative will only make their life easier. (ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth’s 2.0 to now release next year, Vijay’s next film takes the Diwali 2017 slot)

The source further says, “He strongly believes that stuntmen work very hard and take life-threatening risks, so it’s high time they got insured. It’s only going to motivate stuntmen to be more passionate about their work.” The said insurance scheme will cover more than 380 stuntmen and women all between the age of 18 and 55 years. Also this is going to be the first ever protection that any stunt artist is receiving in this country.

The source also reveals, “Akshay, along with Dr Panda and others, has been working on the scheme for about four to five months, and the actor is happy that he has managed to do it quickly. The general secretary of Movie Stunt Artist Association, Ejaz Gulab, is glad that Akshay has “somehow made the impossible possible”. He later adds, “Over the years, we had approached a number of producers and insurance companies, but they didn’t agree to provide insurance to us. It was very demoralising, but we don’t know what magic wand Akshayji has used. We can’t thank him enough, as it has come as great news for us.” (ALSO READ: Twinkle Khanna is ANNOYED with Akshay Kumar’s Padman team and the reason will surprise you)

The new policy, will cover a stunt man for any hospitalisation due to accident or physical injury while performing stunts. They cover cost is upto Rs six lakh and will be available cashless at around 4,000 hospitals. And if they enrol in a hospital that is not a part of the scheme then they can always reimburse the cost incurred. The source says, “Even if they get into a hospital that’s not a part of the network, they can still avail of the benefit through reimbursements.” The cover in cases of death will be Rs 10 lakh and will be granted to the nominee the stunt artist chooses. (ALSO READ: Saif Ali Khan gets miffed at trollers, says he will NOT return his National Award for Hum Tum!)

Gulab thinks that this insurance should have happened years ago. “Stuntmen are also human beings and they also have families. If they are insured, they can also be more confident and put in their best without holding themselves back. This scheme is only going to motivate them further,” adds the source.