Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan decided to chill together when they were in New York in July. However, the pictures of their meeting made their way to social media today in the morning. One one hand where these pictures are adding more stock to their alleged affair, there are a set of people, who couldn’t stand the sight of Mahira smoking in a white backless dress. And so it was, these people didn’t leave any stone unturned and showered Mahira with highly nasty comments.

Here are some of them:


Thankfully, a lot of sane people called out the haters, who criticized Mahira’s dress. Some people also pointed out the double standards of the trolls, who attacked Mahira because she was smoking when a male actor, who was also with her was doing the same. ALSO READ: Revealed: Truth Behind The ‘Love-Bite’ In Ranbir Kapoor – Mahira Khan’s Viral Pic

Actor Ali Zafar took this opportunity to educate people that “every woman has the right to make her own choices in life”. He wrote a letter, took a picture of it, posted it on his Instagram account and in the caption tagged Mahira. Here’s what the letter read:



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As for Ranbir and Mahira, the rumours about their affair first started when pictures and videos from the event which they attended together in March went viral. It was Global Teacher Prize event in Dubai which they both attended together. In fact, in one video, the duo were having an animated conversation. Of course, both Mahira and Ranbir haven’t said anything yet, and surely, they won’t.

This is the video, in case you didn’t know:


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