The music video of the new pop hit Prada, starring Bollywood superstar Alia Bhatt, is currently making waves, but the song’s creators, The Doorbeen, face charges of plagiarism by the Pakistani media. According to, the melody of Prada is the same as that of a song nineties song, Goray rung ka zamana, by the Pakistani band, Vital Signs.

Pak actor Mehwish Hayat claims this new song (Prada) is a complete rip-off of a Pakistani song Gore Rang Ka Zamana from ‘Vital Signs’ album. The album was released in the early 90s by one of the country’s band and the actress believes Bollywood industry is a hypocrite and they often steal Pakistani compositions. The lyrics for Goray rung ka zamana were written by Shoaib Mansoor and the song was released as part of the album, Vital Signs Volume 1.

Her tweet reads as “I find this strange. On the one hand, Bollywood vilifies Pakistan at every opportunity they get. On the other, they continue to steal our songs without so much as an acknowledgement. “Copyright violation” and “royalty payments” obviously mean nothing.”

The song Prada was released on August 12 and became a blockbuster in no time, garnering over 21 million views on YouTube. Its composers are the two-member band, The Doorbeen, who earlier shot to fame with their number, Lamberghini.

Watch the song Prada here:

Now, watch Gore Rang Ka Zamana ~ Vital Signs

Comparing Prada to Goray rung ka zamana, a social media user wrote in the comments section of the music video: “Major rip off from the Org… Without even giving credits having no shame at all.” Another wrote: “Copy of ‘Goray rang ka zamana’ of Vital signs.”

A user asked for credits: “Thanks for copying vital signs. At the very least you could have given credit!”

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