After the famous Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover spat, now we hear that the popular comedians Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri, who are currently seen in Sony TV’s ‘The Drama Company’ and are one of the most loved comedians, are not on talking terms. Isn’t that shocking? When two brilliant comedians have a fallout, the fans are affected the most. Due to their differences, fans don’t get to watch two talents together on one stage. Well, reportedly, Krushna and Sudesh had a fallout due to creative differences.

Aside from their (Krushna and Sudesh) individual stint in comedy, the duo is better known for their chemistry on-screen. Speaking on this issue, in a statement to Times of India, Krushna confirmed the news, he said, “We have been having differences and ego hassles, but we will resolve it among ourselves. Earlier, we were constantly in touch and would even discuss personal matters. But these days, we don’t communicate beyond work. In fact, Sudesh has barred me from contacting him. If I want to reach him, I have to go through his manager, and that is something I don’t want to do.”

We hear that Sudesh is unhappy with his ‘Comedy Circus’ co-star Krushna as he is seen hogging all the limelight on their new show. Reportedly, the duo even had an argument over their entries at the press conference of the show.

Actor-comedian Krushna further added, “Whatever I have learnt about comedy is because of Sudeshji. During ‘Comedy Circus’, he would get better lines than me, but I never complained. A comedy show is not run by an individual, it requires teamwork. I can’t help it if people are calling ‘The Drama Company’ my show. I play the central character in every skit. I understand that he too, vies for equal screen space and importance, as we have always been called Krushna-Sudesh ki jodi.”

Edited By – Leona Nathan