Recently, there were stories that suggested that Amitabh Bachchan narrowly escaped an accident when he was in Kolkata for the 23rd Kolkata International Film Festival. According to a report by a news agency, the superstar’s car lost one of its rear wheels while going to the airport. But the superstar has now rubbished this and tweeted saying, ” I am informed by concerned well-wishers and media, that I had a close escape from a car accident in Kolkata .. that is incorrect .. there has been no accident .. I am well ..”

A senior official was quoted by the news agency said, “The wheel on the left rear-ends of the car carrying Bachchan got detached from the vehicle on Dufferin Road when he was going to the airport to catch a flight for Mumbai on Saturday morning. The car was provided by a travel agency and we have show-caused it over the incident” According to the agency, “The official said the initial probe revealed that the vehicle’s ‘certificate of fitness’ had expired long back but it was still in use. It also stated that proper action might be taken against the agency if any fault on their part was found. Bachchan was accompanied by a senior state minister in the car.

Well, we are really relieved that no such incident took with Big B in the first place and hope that it never does with the megastar.