Superstar has time and again proved that he loves trying new things and is always upbeat about learning something new. He is also one of the technology savvy celebrities in Bollywood, way ahead from his contemporaries and far ahead from a lot of stars from the younger generation.

Amitabh Bachchan was the first celebrity to start a blog and update it on a daily basis. His command on the language and the great details that he used to divulge about his personal life were a treat for his fans. A lot of Bollywood journalists also got a few story ideas from there about the Shehenshah’s life. When Twitter came into existence and limited the conversations to 140 characters, Big B proved that it is not just long posts that he is good at but he can say it all in a short sentence as well. He was a hit on Twitter as well and soon became the celeb with the highest numbers of followers. In fact, it was his popularity on social media and connect that he established with this fans that inspired a lot of other celebrities to follow suit.

And now, Amitabh Bachchan has once again tried his hands on something new. The megastar tried Facebook Live, the latest amplification on the social media site, to interact with his fans. He was live from his office and gave his fans a virtual tour of his work space.

In his live post, Sr. Bachchan revealed that some technicians from Facebook were at his office to introduce him to this latest medium of video chat. He could see his fans hitting Like and Heart on the video and Wazir actor thanked all for their love and attention. Soon he started walking around in his office’s conference room and also showed us a glimpse of a perfect painting of himself that a painter had painted for him at Amsterdam a few years back. He also showed us another with son Abhishek Bachchan on it and then a photoshoot where the Bachchan father-son starred together. Now with Big B getting a hang of how Facebook Live works, we are hoping to see more of him and get up close and personal with the biggest star of Bollywood.