Armaan Jain, everybody knows him only as the Kapoor lad who failed to create an impressive impression on the audience with his debut movie. Better known as Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin, Armaan disappeared from the scene after making his debut with the forgettable Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. A leading daily reports that he is all set to start afresh. The actor has undergone a drastic makeover shedding the cholocate-boy look. He has given way to a tough and rugged appearance. The actor has grown a beard, built his physique, done acting workshops and is ready to face the camera anew, says the report. Popular film maker Karan Johar is overwhelmed by his new look and has given a thumbs-up to the all new Armaan.

Armaan says, “After my first film I had to undergo a knee surgery, so for four months I was out of action. When I recovered, I started dancing, exercising and working out. I wanted to be fit internally. During this period I also did several acting workshops and tried different looks. I used to never grow my beard beyond five-six days, but this time I decided to grow it for around 10 days. I thought it suited my face and kept it for a month. My friends and people from the industry said it’s looking good, so I have retained it.”

Ask him if he is disappointed with his first film and he says, “I have learnt a lot from my first film. Now, when I see it I realise where I went wrong and feel I could have done better. But I have personally grown with the film. Whether the film did good or bad, making it was a beautiful experience.”

Do you think Armaan Jain‘s makeover will help him make a successful career in Bollywood?