Singer Armaan Malik might enjoy a celebrated status today being one of the popular male singers in the industry but he suffered from low self-esteem in his younger days. The singer recently opened up on what issues he faced while growing up and how he managed to go on and craft her path towards success and happiness. Armaan revealed that he was too busy working while growing up and therefore, he didn’t have time to hang out like other boys of his age.

The singer was quoted by news agency IANS saying, “A year back I was in a bad place professionally and personally and I decided to take some downtime which really helped me. I started working at a very young age, and I didn’t have enough time to socialise and hang out with my friends, but soon I realised that one needs to make these sacrifices to be successful and this is what makes me who I am today.”

Armaan also said he used to develop skin acne as a teenager that made him feel less confident. The singer added that those issues kept hounding him for a very long time but later, he realised that there’s nothing to worry about and he should not pay attention to things that make him feel weak.

“I encourage everyone of you to find your calling and work really hard towards it. As a youngster, I too, like any teenager suffered from acne, and it resulted in a very low self-image, but as I grew up I realised that’s it’s a very normal thing and that we should not overthink it or get depressed because of this as this is just a phase,” Armaan explained.

Armaan also revealed that he had been fighting depression for a very long time and has started feeling better now.