Bigg Boss 10 is unarguably the most popular shows of the small screen. The reality show is known for its notorious contestants and its controversial content. Right from fights to link-ups, Bigg Boss has it all. All these seasons we saw a number of contestants creating stir inside the glass-walled house due to some or the other reasons. Over a period of time, the inmates get tougher and stronger with each passing day by battling the situations inside the show. By the end of the show, the contestants have learnt all the tricks to survive in the toughest situation and handle crisis-like situations in life.

Bani J was one contestant who looked strong and confident as she entered the Bigg Boss 10 house. Moreover, she was a part of a reality show like Roadies in the past and thus had some experience of playing tasks and surviving in toughest situations. But now, it looks like Bani is falling apart and is missing home desperately. We also saw how Bani walked out of the conference following an emotional breakdown. She seems to be taking a reverse turn unlike other contestants of Bigg Boss. She is not as confident and strong as she seemed on the show’s first day. (ALSO READ: Will Salman Khan ever DITCH Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor tag? Here’s the answer!)

If you have observed, Bani has started finding solace in wild card contestant Jason Shah. After her fallout with Gaurav Chopra, Bani felt lonely and isolated. Her thoughts never matched with other contestants and Gaurav was her only friend. But now they don’t get along well too.  Bani Ja found a new friend in Jason and started getting close to him. Recently, we spotted a picture of Bani and Jason cozying during the night. A picture shared on a fan page of Bigg Boss, you see that Bani was snuggling with Jason on the bed. Take a look;

Bani & Jason 🙈 #bb10 #biggboss #biggboss10 #salmankhan

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Sounds awkward but Bani was in real hugging Jason who was unwell in the midnight. The picture looks awkward but Bani was just expressing her concern and care for her dear friend. But do you think Bani and Jason are just friends. But the pictures reveal that there is something cooking between the two, isn’t it? Soon after the incident, Gaurav came over to Bani to say something to her. Bani doesn’t go immediately but takes her own time and meets him. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016 episode Live Updates: Om Swami calls Rohan a dog; Priyanka Jagga supports Baba)

Gaurav tries to reconcile his misunderstanding with Bani finally. Is Gaurav jealous of Bani and Jason’s closeness. Bani has agreed to be friends with Gaurav again but tells him that he will never understand her.  Is a love triangle brewing up in Bigg Boss 10 house?