The relationship of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif ended on a sour note. The couple who had planned to tie the knot this year, called off their relationship abruptly and this news came as a shock not just to fans of the couple but even to some B-town members. In fact some even started terming the year 2016 as “jinxed” for celebrity couples as it witnessed several break-ups right in the first half of the year itself. Many reasons are speculated behind this break-up but what actually went wrong between Ranbir and Katrina is not clear yet. And even these two stars have preferred to remain silent over this matter. There were several occasions Ranbir and Katrina had to face questions on their break-up, but they somehow managed to escape from it.

Recently in a candid interview with CNN News18’s Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand, Ranbir Kapoor spilled the beans on this very public heartbreak. It had become one of the most heated discussions and it still continues to be. There were many who thought Ranbir was unaffected but what really he went through, the actor finally spoke about it and with that revelation, many of them were left stunned. Sadly, based on that quote too many perceptions were drawn again but we guess it is not going to change the past. (ALSO READ: Did Ranbir Kapoor REALLY visit Katrina Kaif at her Bandra residence?)

Ranbir Kapoor had said, “Whatever I say on any platform, it’s grossly misconstrued. Over the years, I’ve realised my personal life is very dear to me, especially what my relationship with Katrina is. After my parents, she’s been the most influential, most motivational entity in my life and I hold that very dear. So, I don’t want to speak anything about it. There’s no negativity, there is no sense of bitterness, so there’s nothing to talk about.”

Take a look at the complete one-on-one conversation here: (ALSO READ: Oh No! Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s film Jagga Jasoos will not release in 2016)

Now after that, Rajeev Masand caught up with Katrina Kaif who is promoting her upcoming flick ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ with Sidharth Malhotra. Even Ms. Kaif was asked about her public heartbreak and also how she dealt with it especially when she had to continue to work with Ranbir Kapoor for Anurag Basu’s ‘Jagga Jasoos’. There were many rumours doing rounds stating that the film will go kaput as the two ex-lovers won’t agree to work together. The film has already been postponed due to several reasons but this break-up did build pressure on the makers of ‘Jagga Jasoos’. But the two keeping their personal issues aside, continued to work for the film. (ALSO READ: Baar Baar Dekho: These moments prove Sidharth Malhotra & Katrina Kaif can’t stay away from each other!)

Speaking about heartbreak and professional equation with Ranbir Kapoor, the gorgeous Katrina Kaif revealed, “You know what I think, it’s also something that came to me many times, if I was a person who did not have a luxury; See I do think being an actor is quite a luxurious job, we have staff and we are treated specially, to be fair.  But if I worked in say, an office or if I had a normal job, you are still going to go to work. You are still going to be required to do your job.” Katrina Kaif continued saying, “You know, in some way all the attention is a good thing. It forces you to step up. It forces you to not indulge in self pity and feeling sorry for yourself. It forces you to get yourself together and stand up quicker because you want to show your best face to the world.” (ALSO READ: Leaked Video! Watch Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor grooving together like never before)

Take a look at the video below where Katrina Kaif did not shy away to share her feelings:

It was definitely not easy for both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to tackle things post break-up. There were many times they bumped into each other but still decently managed to maintain that distance. Despite of several speculations, the duo didn’t give any clarification despite of being hurt. We just wish the best for both of them on the professional front!