Debutante director Karan Anshuman’s Bangistan features an interesting sequence in which two fanatics of two different religions indulge in a verbal spat.  To justify how their religion and the teachings it offers is the ultimate, the two get involved in a stimulating debate. In a fiery verbal exchange the duo ends up highlighting the goodness of the other religion, absolutely unintentionally. They actually end up spouting the verses from the holy books from the religion they hate so much–only to realise that how religion is misread, misinterpreted and used as a tool to spread hatred that only adds chaos and conflicts in society we live in. Apart from that one stand-out sequence, pulled off so beautifully by the actors involved, Bangistan doesn’t have much to offer! ALSO READ: Why is Bangistan banned in Pakistan and UAE? 

If only good intentions could result into a fine film, Bangistan featuring Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat would have been a splendid endevour. Sadly–and matter of factly–that’s NOT how it works. Lame humour, loud acting and forced twists and turns make this one strictly an Okay watch. Driven by religious fanatics and their senseless as well as self-serving doctrines, the two actors–in the garb of their respective characters–are in Poland on a suicidal mission. The two belong to two  groups  warring on the basis of religious identities and ideologies in a fictitious land called Bangistan!  Will they succeed with their zeal to destroy world peace? Or will the two understand life, as is, without misinterpreting the fundamentals?

The best part of the movie is hottie Jacqueline Fernandes summing it up this way when the duo question her religious identity. “All religions ultimately expect you to be a good human being, anyway, I try to be that every day! What is the need of any religion then? She nails it with a shot of vodka!

As far as the performances are concerned Riteish Deshmukh is the saving grace of the movie but his craft and his comic timing has not be utilised properly. Pulkit hams his way though the film with the swagger that comes from an individual who considers himself as a megastar already. ” Tum kitne boore actor ho ye tumne dikha hee diya,” says Ritesih’ character to Pulkit’s in the climax when the latter tries to trick the former. The dialogue receives an applause for the obvious reason!

Our verdict: A fine fine concept has been butchered in one swift stroke. Bangistan tries hard to give you those much-anticipated giggles. It ends up making a lot of noise but audiences don’t walk into the theatre to hear a bang. ‘Sound’ direction and less hamming could have saved this venture from turning into a cinematic  disaster.

Our rating: 2 stars