It was quite surprising when we read stories about a fallout between Bani J and Gauahar Khan. I mean, the two have been BFFs and the whole wide world knows how strong their bond is. So naturally, their fans were disheartened when they came to know that this friendship has come to an end. And the fact that both Bani and Gauahar stopped following each other on their social media accounts and deleted the pictures that they had put together, added more stock to the tale.

So BollywoodLife decided to got in touch with Bani, and asked her to clear the confusion, she said, “This is a very old story that is doing the rounds. I don’t know from where people put up old news to make it new news. It is false.” When she was probed further, maintaining her stance, she added, “Yaar, it is completely rubbish. People like to talk about things they really don’t know about.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss Hotties Bani J And Gauahar Khan Not BFFs Anymore?

But we are still wondering why would they delete their pictures from the social media accounts if all is well between them. Anyway, we really hope that this friendship is actually intact. It’s not everyday that you get to see bonds like these. Remember how Bani spoke highly of Gauahar when she was inside the Bigg Boss house last year, and similarly Gauahar too has nice things to say about her always.

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