What happens when two giant men with powers beyond human comprehension clash against each other? here you have Superman played by the very sexy Henry Cavill and Batman played by–hold your breath–Ben Affleck! ( he has so much to live up to the expectations after Chrisian Beale eassyed the role in the previous endevour!) Honestly, we found the idea of these two being at odd absolutely far-fetched! Seriously!!Batman Vs Superman! Though we would have toyed with this idea but wouldn’t have gone any further–certainly not crafting the concept into a movie! ALSO READ: Justin Bieber apologises for nude photograph

Visually, this one is an optical overload. Day Vs Night–as the calsh has been described by keeping the traits of the superheroes in  mind. Clary the government doesn’t know how to contain the unimaginable force that Superman is! Voila! steps in Batman only to against the man with red tail flying behind him.  There will mass destruction coupled with massive explosions. The line ”The red capes are coming … the red capes are coming …says it all. Hope you hear the message loudly and clearly!

Talking about being LOUD, you can’t afford to miss this one!