Befikre, starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor, opened in theatres today and there was a lot of buzz surrounding this flick because Adi Chopra has returned to directing after over seven years. The movie was a lot in news for all the super hot kissing scenes, Ranveer Singh’s full show of assets and Vaani Kapoor’s spunk. In any case, this movie is not in Yash Raj Films’ territory and therefore we were unsure as to how Aditya Chopra (who already has the baggage of making the 90s classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) will treat this subject of modern, evolved relationships and the complications associated with it. Well, read on to know what we felt like after watching Befikre and if is really worth your time and money.

What’s it about

Ranveer’s Dharam comes from Delhi to Paris to try his luck at stand-up comedy but mostly to land hot girls and hook-up. On his first day, he meets Vaani’s Shayra who is a free-spirit (surprise, surprise). So just like any other Yash Raj Films, the two leads break out in a song and dance routine after meeting each other. Ok, then we know that they hook-up as the makers revealed that in the trailer. The two start living in with each other and that turns out to be an epic fail. They move on and face with a classic predicament: Hum Aapke Hain Koun? They decide they will be friends (and you begin to yawn!). The big twist comes when an investment banker (cliche alert!) comes into Shayra’s life and sweeps her off her feet. Dharam coaxes her to get married to him because he is ‘perfect’. The movie just spirals downwards after this. You wish for a quick relief just as the climax approaches.ALSO READ: Befikre first review OUT: Ranveer Singh-Vaani Kapoor’s film is already a HIT

What’s hot

Ranveer Singh’s red hot chaddi is a super tease. He shines in a few scenes but mostly, his acting is marooned by a weak script and cliched dialogues. Vaani’s character was supposed to be phenomenal and so much different than other Yash Raj heroines but that did not come through. She does try hard though to break stereotypes and portray a very unlikely Hindi film heroine. Does it succeed? Watch and tell us if it works for you for it surely didn’t for us. The music is good and keeping up with the tempo of the movie. The camera work too is good and gorgeous locales of Paris will give you huge travel goals. Ranveer and Vaani’s chemistry too is good if not super great, they seem comfortable with each other.

What’s not

My basic problem with Aditya Chopra’s Befikre is just too many references to his previous movies, mostly Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayegenge. Looking at the movie, one feels that  with Befikre, the maker was earnestly trying to make a DDLJ for the current generation. Nah, but it’s a pity that it does not work like that! Though Ranveer has cleared, while addressing the constant comparison between him and Shah Rukh Khan, that he does not want to get into SRK’s territory, he invariably has. Ranveer’s Dharam is a rehash of Shah Rukh Khan’s  Raj. Both are goofy, a little childlike, not perfect but totally desi despite staying outside the country. They both believe in janam-janam-ka-rishta despite being popular with women. They are inherently very desi which seems to be a USP to be ‘marriageable’. Ranveer blows the ‘Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna’ tune on a trumpet when he is hurting after Shayra decides to marry the investment banker guy. Also, there is a moment in the movie where both the leads feel a rush of love for each other, albeit at different times, and you can actually hear them say ‘palat, palat’ to each other in their minds! ALSO READ: Befikre quick movie review: Ranveer Singh-Vaani Kapoor try hard to impress us with their sexy chemistry

Furthermore, there is a lot of emphasis given to marriage and old school,  forever-wala love in a movie which speaks about the hook-up culture which all youngsters are accused of being in by elders. At one point, you almost feel that the makers are judging their own characters as they try hard and beat their ‘free spirited’ characters into domesticity. The territory of the classic romance versus no-strings-attached is very precarious and I believe that Bollywood is yet to make a film which talks about the subject in a matured manner. We need more such films but Befikre is not one of them, sadly.

What to do?

Go watch the movie anyway if you love Ranveer Singh but do not expect fireworks from it.

Star rating: 2