The episode starts with Zoya telling Aditya that the only way that will lead them out of the mess that had been created was to leave the house and run away at a safer place. Zoya agreed to support him. Zoya’s parents were disturbed seeing Zoya in such a situation and decided to leave for Mumbai immediately in order to help their daughter until they got to know that all the flights had been cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

On the other hand, Zoya’s sister reached the Hooda house and was surprised to see the police. While she was trying to get inside the house, Zoya and Adity successful managed to fool Rajvir and escaped. Finally, Mr Hooda could contact Arjun and got to know what all had happened. Arjun explained everything to Mr. Hooda and was in reply asked to find Zoya and Aditya before Rajvir did and only then Mr Hooda could have provided with any help. Mr Hooda told Arjun that he would reach soon and will manage the situation.

Aditya and Zoya reached Aditya’s friend’s place and pleaded him to let them stay there for a night. Seeing their condition his friend let them in. On the other hand, Mahi was shocked to see the news about Aditya’s and Zoya’s escape. Rajvir then reached the Zosh Events Company where he had called the other employees as well and threatened them to tell the truth about Zoya’s and Aditya’s marriage fraud. He further ordered the Police to cease everybody’s phone. ALSO READ: Bepannaah 30 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Will Zoya And Aditya Get Arrested?

Aditya’s friend’s wife informed Rajvir about Zoya’s and Aditya’s stay at their house and Rajvir immediately left to catch hold of both of them. As soon as Aditya and Zoya came to know that Rajvir was on his way to their friend’s Place, they immediately left and started to run away but were soon stopped by Rajvir who then stood aiming his gun at them.