The constant twists in Sony Tv’s Beyhadh  has boosted its TRP ratings. The viewers have been hooked on to their television sets to know what will happen next in the lives of their favorite stars Jennifer Winget (Maya) and Kushal Tondon (Arjun). Well, we are here to give you an inside scoop right from the sets of Beyhadh. In the upcoming sequences of the revenge drama, we will see a hot and steamy scene between Maya and Arjun. Since the fans are already crazy for the couple, the writers have crafted a story to reward them with some intense kissing scenes between the lead actors.

According to Fimlibeat’s report, the writers have hyped this kiss sequence and the viewers are not expecting a sensuous kiss to be an integral part of the story. Jennifer and Kushal, both being professionals, took the script seriously and decided to go ahead with the kiss.

However, the kiss came with a condition. Jennifer asked the director to wrap up the kiss in one single take. She didn’t want the kiss to become a topic of discussion and hence asked for just one take. Apparently, only a few crew members were asked to stay back for the shoot.

As per Filmibeat one of the crew members was quoted saying,  “We were quite apprehensive on how Jennifer will react to the script and its demand but she was really calm. Knowing that the kiss was an essential part during that particular scene, she only kept a simple demand with the directors. She asked him to wrap up the kiss in one shot than going in for multiple retakes.”

He also said,“It was not an unfair demand by her and so the director happily obliged. The team of Beyhadh is really honest toward their work and that can be seen on screen through their performance.”

Well, we respect your professionalism Jennifer. The sources also say that the viewers saw just a part if intimacy between Maya and Arjun. Much more was shot but it had to be edited because of the family viewing policy.