Beyonce Knowles, Jay Z going separate ways?

Los Angeles, June 29: Singer Beyonce Knowles and husband-rapper Jay Z will reportedly “lead separate lives” while touring.

The couple, whose marriage is said to be in trouble, recently began their joint ‘On the Run’ concert series but they are said to be only seeing one another on stage, as they travel separately and stay in different hotel rooms, reports

“They might be sharing a stage, but while on tour they’ll live practically separate lives,” said a source.

“Tensions between them are worse than ever, meaning they will be travelling between venues independently, staying in different hotel suites and even having separate entourages….

“They’ll also have individual dressing rooms, so the only times they’ll be together will be while they’re performing,” added the source.

The parents of two-year-old Blue Ivy have been the subject of rumors of infidelity.

“They’ve both been dreading the tour. Cancelling wasn’t an option, so on the surface it’s going to be business as usual, but they’re both struggling with trust issues after the spate of cheating allegations,” said the source.