Bigg Boss 10 is proving to be a super awesome season of all times, thanks to all the crazy twists the makers have been introducing to the game. The reality show has got more interesting with introduction of wild cards and further more, surprise evictions of strong contestants. While, Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga are out of house for contestants, they in fact are in the house albeit in a secret room watching over all the inmates. Today a new luxury budget task has been introduced in the house called BB Democracy. The inmates will have to collectively take decisions and comply by the same. While they are thinking that it is all their design, the real players are Manu and Priyanka who are in the secret room.

Another key twist to happen today is the growing friendship between Mona Lisa and Gaurav Chopra. They get into a bathtub together much to the delight of the contestants who jeer them on. Manu watches on looking disgusted, angry and upset. Priyanka takes advantage of this and it is left for us to see if she uses this opportunity to further her friendship with Manu? Also we hear that Manu is developing a soft corner for Lopamudra Raut from inside the secret room. Will his dynamics with Mona change as soon as he comes out of the secret room?

In today’s episode Lopa will loose her cool and yell at Rohan Mehra for his indecision. She will accuse him of playing safe. Their longstanding friendship to get ruined soon? Well, in Bigg Boss’s house there are no permanent friendships or fights. But we must agree on one thins: Lopa sure is one of the most powerful contestants in the show and has chance a of winning the show as well.

Meanwhile, we dont know yet what the Tharki Baba Om Swami is upto. He has got a two week immunity by trading in his Rs 10 lakh from the prize money.   Watch Bigg Boss 10 13th December 2016 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App right here!