After the much dramatic episode of nomination process which took place last night, tonight another intriguing episode awaits you. Today (November 15) in Bigg Boss 10 you’ll see a new luxury budget task named Lock Down been introduced to the housemates. This will be very difficult for the housemates to handle because all their belongings will be taken away. Yes, you read it right. When the contestants will get up from their beds, they won’t be seeing any of their belongings around them and that’s what is going to leave them shocked for the rest of the day. While they keep guessing on where their belongings and all the other necessary stuff went missing, Bigg Boss asks Gaurav Chopra to read out about the new task.

The contestants will be seen totally lost trying to guess what happened in an overnight. Not just their personal belongings but even the belongings of Bigg Boss house seems to be missing. Gaurav Chopra reads that all the belongings have been confiscated and kept in a container that’s in the garden area. In this new luxury task the housemates will be divided into two teams and that is Team Rohan and Team Mona Lisa. All the contestants are required to wear sack cloths throughout the task. But there is one contestant who will be seen in his regular attire. It is Om Swami who continues to don his laal choga. The contestants in Rohan’s team are Bani, Lopamudra, Rahul, Karan and Lokesh whereas contestants in Mona Lisa’s team are Manu, Manveer, Om Swami, Nitibha and Gaurav.

These two teams will be seen competing against each other. In this the contestants have to see it that they mostly do not use anything from the container. Because the minute any contestant uses any stuff that’s kept in the container, scores will be added to that particular teams scoreboard and at the end the team with highest scores will lose the task. In simple terms, the more the points the higher the chances to lose the luxury budget task Lock Down. Now this is something really interesting. Now to attain something from the container, these contestants will be put through a task. The one who wins will enjoy the benefits. Whether Rohan or Mona’s team will win, we’ll get to see that tonight. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 14th November 2016 episode 29 review: Manu Punjabi tries to hit Om Swami during nomination process)

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode:

While all the team members will be seen focusing on the task, Swamiji will be seen on a different track altogether. Also, Manveer Gurjar in between the task will try his best to pester Swamiji in the most crucial situation. Thankfully, that would be taken sportingly and no arguments will take on that for a change. Tune-in to know what else will take tonight on Bigg Boss 10.