What to expect tomorrow: Om Swami LEECHES at Lopa Mudra and Mona Lisa who are taking a dip in the pool. He is asked to clean the jail. People nominate housemates for term in jail.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 11.23 to 11.30: Guruji creates DRAMA with Manu and Mona lisa’s kiss. Late at night Manu, Manveer discuss and bitch about other contestants

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 11.15 to 11.20: Rohan thinks Lokesh is ignoring him. Nitibha presses Lopa’s shoulder but sasses her at the same time. Indiawale cook food amongst commotion.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 11.10 to 11.15:Celebrities are given back the rule of the house, Indiawale analyse. Manveer Singh blames Manu Punjabi for trusting Mona lisa during the task. Manu blames Om Swami. There is a big argument as Indiawale blame Swami for taking bath with Mona Lisa and Lopamudra. Mona Lisa in turn reprimands Swami as he has a problem with she kissing Manu on camera. She asks him to stop his moral policing.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 11.05 to 11.10: Lopamudra and Nitibha break into a bad fight. Nitibha condemns Lopa for not making food fast enough. Nitibha yells at her and tells her that she is not doing her job. A catfight takes place. Bigg Boss leaks footage of celebs’secret task and congratulates them for winning.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 11.00 to 11.05: Bigg Boss instructs VJ Bani to hand over the camera and tells her that the secret task has ended. Om Swami calls everyone for discussion. He condemns people for their behaviour. Om Swami gets all regressive on housemates.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 10.50 to 10.55: Now, celebs take Lokesh Kumari to pool to push her their. Rohan leads this coup. One more feather is added in celebs’cap. Om Swami loses it as Lokesh does not follow Índian Culture and forces her to be locked in jail. He makes a hue and cry about how Lokesh is character less. Lopa gets all angry and yells at Om Swami for calling a girl (Lokesh) character less. She condemns him for his language and conduct.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 10.45 to 10.5o: Omji Swami gets in the pool and is bathed with milk by Lopa and Mona Lisa. He is taken to Jacuzzi where he is bathed by Lopa and Mona Lisa. Karan Mehra clicks their photo. As per Bigg Boss’s instructions. Rahul again makes Om Swami wear his socks, and takes a pic. Looks like celebs will win this task!

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 10.40 to 10.45: Lopa and Rohan discuss the accident. Rohan cries like a baby and lopa comforts him saying that the accident was not intentional. VJ Bani recovers and persuades Nitibha Kaul to put on Joker make up as part of her secret task. Meanwhile, Lopa and Mona Lisa convince Om Swami to take bath with them, again as a part of the secret task! Only thing is Omji has no clue and gets tempted. Manu Punjabi and Manveer Singh get suspicious and discuss why celebs want to take bath with Om Swami! Nitibha and Lopa have a first nok-jhok. Lopaa thinks Nitibha is insecure of her and hence wants footage. Manu aggres.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd November 2016 episode 17 Live Updates 10.30 to 10.40: VJ Bani gets cut with a knife and she yells at her own team mates! She abuses and yells painfully as it is a deep cut on her waist. Om Swamiji goes on a different tangent saying that they wanted to kill him but instead got his body guard, Bani! Bigg Boss reprimands Rohan Mehra for cutting Bani accidentally. Om Swami asks Bigg Boss to get Rohan out coz of his accident prone behaviour.

So, it is that time of the day again and here we are again all psyched to watch our favourite reality show Bigg Boss 10! As you know, this high voltage reality show will get even more entertaining today as Bigg Boss as introduced a new luxury task in the house! Both teams are fighting a bloody battle to win the task and there is a lot of confusion and fights due to the same. Amidst all this though, Mona Lisa and Manu Punjabi discuss their personal life and get closer! But Manu makes rather disturbing revelations about himself. Oh yes! He is extremely candid as he confesses cheating on his girlfriends as he is a self confirmed CASANOVA! Mona Lisa is quite shocked.

Coming to the task, celebs are trying too hard to win the luxury budget task by doing another secret task given to them by the Bigg Boss. Commoners though unaware create disturbance, causing a lot of inconvenience to the housemates. Oh yes! And, Lopamudra Raut who is a royal cook in the costume drama Raja Aur Rank loses her shiz after she is ordered around by Nitibha Kaul who demands tea and parathas and scolds her for lazing around. Lopa yells at her and declares that she can’t take this task anymore. VJ Bani who plays the bodyguard to Raja Omji Swami too gets injured in a task! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016, Day 16 LIVE Updates: Omji Swami, Mona Lisa, Manu Punjabi get our interest piqued!

In order to complete their secret task, Celebs push Lokesh Kumari in pool who in turn gets scolded by Raja Omji Swami! He also has a meltdown as he yells at his team for indiscipline. So judging by what’s in store for us, we are sure that we will get totally entertained in today’s episode.  ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016, Day 16 preview: Mona Lisa and Manu Punjabi get too CLOSE for the contestants’ comfort!

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