Bigg Boss has turned into a WAR zone for sure and all this, because of one man. Swami Om started trouble after he got all riled up for no reason and interfered in Manveer-Rohan’s task to captaincy. He was so obnoxious during the task that he came in between, provoked Manu and Rohan. In fact, he had even tried to strangulate Rohan Mehra before entering the igloo duting the Toofan task. Bigg Boss did not take any action so, Rohan reacted and SLAPPED Swami Om. He got hugely reprimanded for this action by the BIgg Boss and was nominated for the entire season, Frustrated and confused, he locked himself out in the bathroom and threw his mike waging a war against the Bigg Boss himself. His fans went berserk on Twitter and claimed that BB was being Rohan and shielding Swami for no reason.

In today’s episode, Manveer will put Swami om and Gaurav Chopra in jail and there will be a new task introduced in the house where Bigg Boss will create a faux court drama and inmates will hurl accusations at each other. Bani and Manu will openly fight as the latter will accuse the VJ of garnering publicity by getting angry by Om Swami’s derogatory remarks about her mom. Lopa and Rohan will lash out at Om Swami again and may even hit him, again! Despite getting treated outside the house, Swami Om will cause more trouble for inmates inside the house.

What are your New Year plans? Well, the inmates will be thoroughly surprised after Salman Khan will enter the house, surprising them to the core. News has it that he will also get Lokesh Kumari, his fav evicted contestant, to the house and we are yet to know if she will stay there for good.