A certain Kamal R Khan was right with his assessment of Gaurav Chopra, our…err beloved contestant from Bigg Boss season 10! Even before the ongoing season had kicked off KRK had described Gaurav as one of the most arrogant people around. He behaves like he is the country’s biggest superstar celebrity. (Lol! We did not even know his name before he entered the glass walled house!) And there he is–Gaurav is already acting like he is more popular than Tom Cruise. Boy! He walks around with his nose always sticking up in the clouds. And saunterers around like he is the all mighty’s gift to planet earth.

For all those who have been thinking that Om Swamiji alone knows how to go about unleashing his arrogance have probably not seen Gaurav’s antics. We know Swamiji can give you creeps with his ‘antaryami’ self. No wonder Babaji receives all the flak. But we must admit here that Babaji is annoying in the most awkward way possible. He is a complete womanizer and a total shaayar (filmi) at heart. But Gaurav comes from the planet arrogance.

He considers himself above everyone else. The last episode saw the man earning choicest labels such as Kaminey, Kaamchor and many others.

It so happened that Rock On 2 duo Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor turned up on the popular show. The two dished out a fun task for the inmates. They handed out placards to various contestants and they had to choose the labels according to the traits the person reflects. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Is Lokesh Kumari Sharma falling in love with celebrity contestant Rohan Mehra?

Mona Lisa opined that Gaurav has always been yelling at her and he doesn’t keep calm at all. He also thinks that he is the best thing to have happened to planet earth. In short, he is a self conceited arrogant fool. Many also believed that he doesn’t do any work in the house and turns away from daily chores. It was only Natural for Gaurav to earn the title of Kaamchor.

It might seem that Gaurav has taken all these titles in his ling strides, but the man was visibly upset. He will surely spew venom in the days to come. While other contestants too got various nasty titles, it was Gaurav who received the most. Do you think the man is the most hated contestant ever?

The episode also witnessed Salman Khan taking a dig at Om Swamji. Manu Punjabi too called babaji a Pagal. An enthusiastic Om Swami was again after Salman. He wants to select a nice match for Bhai. Salmam innhis response said that nobody undestads the importance of being single that him! Not only Om Swamji’s so called supernatural powers were ridiculed by Sallu, the superstar also praised Babaji’s ability to hum all filmy numbers.

All in all it was a fantastic entertainment with Salman questioning Nitibha, Bani J, Manu Punjabi and of course our Om Swami for their respective misdeeds. We are waiting to see if Nitibha, Om Swami Or Mona Lisa which of these contestants will be seen eliminated in tonight’s episode.