Bigg Boss 10 contestants Lopamudra Raut and Gaurav Chopra are very popular amongst the viewers. The two are known to speak up in case any situation arises inside the glass-walled house. Not just that, they are even considered as the strongest contestants in this tenth season of the controversial reality show. Tonight you will see these two competing against each other for their respective teams. Bigg Boss will be introducing the new luxury budget task in which all the belongings of the housemates would be kept in a container and that is kept in the garden area. Now in order to obtain these belongings Bigg Boss will also give additional tasks and one of the tasks is where Lopa and Gaurav have to drink karela juice.

The karela juice drinking task is a golden opportunity for contestants to use their personal belongings kept in the container. As per the rules of Lock Down luxury budget task, the housemates who are divided in two teams – Team Rohan and Team Mona Lisa should try and use less stuff that is kept in the container. The more items being used by any team, scores will get added and that team will lose the Lock Down task. Amidst this task, Bigg Boss introduces another task and that is the karela juice drinking task, reports Business of Cinema. Apparently Rohan sends Lopa from his team whereas Mona sends Gaurav from her team.

Both Lopamudra Raut and Gaurav Chopra were asked to drink karela juice. The one who finishes it first will get an added advantage not just for oneself but for the entire team. Lopa manages to win the task and gets the golden opportunity. Lopa and her teammates will get to use six things that are stored in the container. Now what all they decide to use, we’ll get to know tonight. Apart from this task, Bigg Boss also brings in the rasgulla task. But sadly that had to be called off due to the tiff that took place between Rahul Dev and Manu Punjabi. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016, Day 30 preview: Will BB10 contestants survive without their belongings in the next task?)

Tonight’s episode is going to be loaded with fun-filled tasks. Apart from all of that you will also get to see Om Swami annoying the housemates with his weird antics. And this time Manveer Gurjar irritates him in the most sensitive situation. Fights and arguments are definitely going to happen even tonight. For more updates, keep watching this space as we’ll get to you the entire buzz happening in this controversial reality show.