Two seemingly similar looking situations can subject to two dramatically different interpretations in Bigg Boss 10 house.

Situation 1: Mona Lisa cosying up to Manu Punjabi (in or out of bed)

Situation 2: Bani J Snuggle up to Jason Shah to get/lend some warmth and support (between the sheets)

The only difference being Mona did her act that resembled a rather mucky scene from a Bhojpuri movie. while Bani J and Jason Shah’s  curling up seemed ‘friendly’ and much more sophisticated (one can’t deny though the frolic quotient was palpable for everyone to see).

Bani J who is clearly coming across as a hypocrite with her double standards and Gaurav Chopraa who walks around in the house like a superstar were quick to jump the gun. In fact, the two did not hesitate to assassinate Mona Lisa’s chracter in front of the cameras. Naturally, Mona broke down and it was not easy for her friends to see the gal melt into tears. They decided to nominate Mona for the next elimination round so that she doesn’t have to bear the trauma of living with hypocrites like Bani and Gaurav in the house.

Even when the other housemates did not even squeak at Manu Punjabi and Mona’s apparent intimacy, Bani and Gaurav decided to take charge of the proverbial moral policing in the house. They quickly conclude that nothing seems friendly (or there’s no sense of brotherhood) about Mona, Manveer and Manu trio. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 19th December 2016 episode 63 Live Updates: Gaurav Chopraa and Bani J Question Manveer’s chracter?

It was Nitibha who was blunt about the whole murky saga. She was quick to point out that if Bani J can do the same thing with Jason, she has no right to question Mona. Bani is hurting her image for sure. There’s nothing cool about her personality as she is projecting it on the show. Even her fans will agree that what her talk and her actions are not in sync. She manipulates quite subtley and the bitchy streak she has about her herself comes to the forefront more often than not. She definitely is no sport. In the name of being blunt, head-strong and in-your-face, Bani lacks empathy and intelligence that one must show in delicate situations.

Clearly, it’s the clash between two classes. While Manu, Mona and Manveer come from not-so-urbane background so they get labelled as uncultured wheraes  Bani and Gaurav can justify their equation because they seem ‘sophisticated’. This episode shows Bani in the bad light and we are already nodding our heads (did you hear tch tch?) In all honesty we think Manu, Manveer and Mona Lisa must strike back in whatever capacity they can to drive home the point. Tell us what do you think Bigg Boss buffs?