This is unbelievable! No wait, this is disgusting even! Here’s an Om Swami rightfully ousted from Bigg Boss 10 house! He reportedly stares at women. Steals stuff from the house and stores it in his bag. He fights at the slightest provocation He empties his bladder (read: pees) in a bucket kept in the living room in from of the women. He cusses and uses expletives at the slightest provocation. He even throws how own urine on the contestants. He is shown the door. But even after getting eliminated from the show he opens his mouth to make shocking statements.

Sample these. Salman Khan is ISI agent and with the able support from the other Khans he wants to convert Hindustan into an Islamic Nation. Salman Khan has AIDS and Bani has slept with Jasson Shah. His gems keep spilling out and he even claims to have slammed Salman Khan and now threatens to his bones ago. While these things happened outside the house, the former set of things happen inside. The much televised event is shown on Prime Time and it is seen by one and all–including the kids. This content is in the form of entertainment. ALSO READ: Forget attending Bigg Boss 10 grand finale, Salman Khan may NEVER host the show again!

All these things are justified for at the end of the day Om Swami has been punished, according to Bigg Boss Swami has criminal charges slapped against him). Is this what we churn out in the name of entertaining our audiences. Even host Salman Khan watches this ugly drama unfold.  And now we hear that Om Swami–in spite of all his antics–has been invited for the show’s finale. For the past so many seasons Salman has been threatening to leave the show. From a certain Ali Quli Mirza misbehaving with women to Om Swami throwing his piss around–Salman it sems can tolerate anything and everything. As long as as he gets his fat paycheque, he will keep appearing on appearing the show and entertain such bullshit…err Om Swami’s piss! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan’s behaviour with rude Bani J proves that he is a true gentleman!

The 51-year old superstar must remind himself that kids are watching what’s being shown here. His countless fans, from the globe over, follow this show because HE hosts it. Is this something the brand Salman Khan resonate with? It’s high time that Salman put his starry foot down and stand up for what is appropriate and what is not!