Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss has taken a wild turn, thanks to its contestants. While the infamous Om Swami was ousted by Salman Khan on the show, he is busy spreading mayhem outside the house. After threatening Salman and making vile accusations at him, he is spreading his sick misogynistic ideas on television and out in the society. While it is really horrible to watch him to that, it is baffling why he is still given so much weightage on television or otherwise. While he was called on a panel discussion by a leading news channel and he got beaten up, literally by women and panelists sitting ni LIVE audience. While he made obscene remarks about women in the house, he spoke offensively about women in general and dressing sense and that enraged panelists. People leaped out of seats and what followed was a scuffle.

You will cringe in horror watching this crass baba in action! Watch video and you will know what we’re saying. Meanwhile in the Bigg BOss house, another big fight broke out between Lopa and Bani. Things got really ugly. Don’t you want to know what was Salman Khan’s reaction to this? Aren’t you curious to know whose side he was on? Well, Salman did not lose cool this time and explained both why they were wrong. He reprimanded Lopa for talking ill about Bani’s mother and he asked them both to hug or patch up. He also said that if they don’t behave, he will not call them to his party in Panvel farmhouse after Bigg Boss!

This Wekeend Ka Vaar episode will be interesting as you will see Govinda shake a leg with his partner Bhai. See the video of Om Swami getting beaten up meanwhile, as you give you more dope from the Bigg Boss house.