Bigg Boss 11 is turning out to be one of the most dramatic seasons of the controversial reality show. The show has entered into its seventh week now and although nearly 6-7 contestants have already left the show, nothing has dimmed its entertainment value and over the top drama quotient. One thing that has remained constant throughout all its seasons, is the blooming love story between some of its contestants. This season, the couple that’s making headlines with their over the top romance is Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. With every passing episode these two contestants only seem to be getting uncomfortably close on national television, whether under the sheets or in the bathroom. Well, while we don’t know about others, if there’s one person who is not only utterly disgusted by their proximity but also deeply saddened by it, is Bandgi’s former boyfriend, TV producer Dennis Nagpal.

In an elaborate interview with Dennis opened up about his relationship with Bandgi. Speaking about her PDA with Puneesh, Dennis said, “I am absolutely shocked and upset about this whole issue. Firstly, I have already called off my relationship with Bandgi from my end. Her allegations of me wanting to share her with somebody else is absolutely false and baseless. Honestly speaking, this side of her has come as a shock to me. Why would I think of such things? I really cannot understand why is she coming up with such weird things? Despite Salman Sir questioning her closeness towards Puneesh, there was no sign of any guilt or awkwardness on her face. I am really surprised as to how can one resort to such means for gaining popularity or to be in the headlines. She will soon realize her doings.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Shocking! Benafsha Soonawalla’s Boyfriend Varun Sood Responsible For Her Eviction?)

Additionally, he told the entertainment portal, “Before entering the Bigg Boss house, she wasn’t like this at all. I really cannot figure out how she has changed in just 8-9 weeks. In fact, while joining the Bigg Boss house, she had given her Instagram and Facebook credentials to me and also had a Video Chat with me. I am really wondering how will she face everyone once she comes out of the Bigg Boss house. As far as Puneesh is concerned, I had a very limited interaction with him over the years since I auditioned him in 2011. In fact, he also came down once to Delhi on my Birthday party. I think they both (Bandgi and Puneet) are just physically attracted towards each other and are faking their love Paradise. Their physical closeness also grew because of her approval. If she wouldn’t have allowed Puneesh initially, he would have obviously maintained a safe distance from her. Puneesh is getting divorced very soon and hence his closeness with her is obvious”

On being asked if Bandgi’s dad was truly hospitalised after seeing her closeness with Puneesh on national television, Dennis said, “Yes! Her father was recently hospitalized as he had Blood Pressure issues. Her whole family is issuing statements of they being not affected by all these things. But, deep down, there is a sense of anger and disrespect for her whole family. In fact, her landlord too has decided to vacate her from the flat where she currently resisdes in Mumbai.”  If there’s one question that all of us want to ask Dennis is that if he would like to confront her for her debauchery. To this he said that he would love to if he’s ever called upon by the Bigg Boss team to do so. “If at all I get a call from the Bigg Boss team, I may probably confront her and return back all the gifts and long letters she wrote to me. The audience too will come to know of all her doings and why she is suddenly behaving like this,” he said. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Will Bandgi Kalra – Puneesh Sharma’s Cringe-worthy Romance Force Makers To Change Time Slot Of The Show?)

Seeing their OTT romance on national television, even Salman Khan was left embarrassed. In fact, he even pleaded them to control their emotions and do nothing to let their parents and relatives down. But, it seems as if his words have gone to deaf ears. Previously, in one of the episodes, Puneesh was seen making a promise to Bandgi stating that if her parents would ever abandon her, he would always have her back. Anyway, going back to what Dennis Nagpal just said, do you think he will break up with Bandgi on National Television. Will the makers call him on the show in order to increase the drama and entertainment level on the show? Let us know in the comments’ section below.