The second day of the school bus task has been started and the housemates are fighting for the seat. Deepak-Megha and Rohit-Sreesanth can be seen arguing. Rohit tries to provoke Sreesanth and he gets angry. Sree even tries to slap Rohit. Dipika burst out in tears as she is not happy. Surbhi also jumps in and they argue with one another. Dipika and Surbhi are shouting on one another. While sitting in the bus, Rohit keeps passing comments on Sreesanth. Dipika gets angry and steps out the bus. She says she will not listen to such demeaning things. Dipika decides to quit the task. Dipika’s exit leads the friends, Somi, Deepak, Rohit and Surbhi pit against each other.

Dipika again joins the game after Sreesanth request her to come. Rohit was the first one to get off the bus. Dipika says that how will anyone enter the bag room if everyone is standing on the door. Surbhi and Dipika get into an argument again. Sreesanth and Romil are discussing about Deepak and KV’s behaviour in the task. Karanvir is out of the game this time.

Later, Deepak, Surbhi and Rohit decide to remove Somi from the task. The gong rings and Surbhi holds Deepak. Surbhi and Deepak get into a major verbal spat. Rohit, Deepak, Surbhi fight with each other. They get into a heated argument wherein Deepak calls Rohit a ‘Dogla insaan’. Rohit gets down from the bus in disappointment. Sreesanth and Dipika enjoy the fight between Happy club. Somi says she wants to get off the bus. Surbhi, KV, Rohit and Deepak say they can’t trust Somi as she is close to Romil. This is why they didn’t tell her the plan. Deepak is eliminated from the task. Somi feels betrayed and within no time, KV and Surbhi target Romil and her relationship.

Romil calls KV double-faced. Surbhi shouts on Romil. Somi says that Deepak, Rohit, KV and Surbhi planned everything on their own and they cannot be trusted. Megha and Jasleen accuse Deepak of being unfair. The gong rings and Rohit removes Somi from the task. Bigg Boss announces that Surbhi and Rohit will fight for the captaincy task. Somi goes to Deepak who is sitting with Romil. Somi tries to clarify from Deepak and Romil if they took her name in the task. Somi can be seen crying in front of Romil and Deepak. She says she is very hurt. She says she wants to be left alone. Deepak and Romil try to console her.

They all laugh as Deepak was upset with everyone and he is the one who is consoling Somi.

Deepak can be seen sitting near kaal kothri where he is crying. He says Somi is everything for me. On the other side, Surbhi and Rohit are laughing on Deepak and Somi. Deepak says he can’t trust Surbhi and Rohit. They cheated him in the task. He is feeling guilty for letting down Somi.

 Deepak goes to Somi to apologize. He says he is guilty of hurting Somi. Somi talks to him and says that they should not have treated her as an option. Deepak says that he is being villainised and is being blamed for everything. Somi says she is okay with him playing the game but is hurt with the backstabbing. Deepak goes to the washroom and cries out loud. He even hits him with a lamp.

Dipika asks Sreesanth why is Deepak feeling guilty. He tells her that Deepak is not able to take failure. Surbhi and Rohit talk about Deepak who started betraying first. Deepak then says sorry to Somi. He even does sit-ups in front of the housemates. Somi laughs out loud and stops him. She says she is joking.

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