Sreesanth, Dipika, and Jasleen discuss the game strategy for the next captaincy task. Sreesanth says that Karanvir Bohra will be the next captain of the house but Romil disagrees. Meanwhile, Somi shows her interest to participate in the task but Sreesanth doesn’t let her.  Somi warns him to not use abusive language. After a while, Dipika suggests Sreesanth to use proper words. However, Srishty becomes the winner of the house.

Dipika and Sreesanth discuss Deepak and says that he is very clever while Urvashi is very innocent. After the task, Saba Somi and Shristy are nominated for the captaincy task.

Karanvir targets Saba by labeling her as ‘junglee’. Nehaa and Karanvir clear out their past misunderstanding. Shivashish and Jasleen irritate Surbhi as they take the blanket from her bed.

Jasleen sings Anup Jalota’s Ek Prem Diwani during the shower and Anup praises her singing. Somi and Sreesanth have a heated argument over an incident and Somi breaks down and blames of using abusive language.

Bigg Boss announces midweek eviction. Bigg Boss asks all the nominated contestants Sreesanth, Nehha, and Karanvir to go to the activity area for the eviction. Dipika gets emotional.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to tell which candidate should leave the house. Dipika takes Sreesanth’s name. Deepak says Nehha should be evicted and Saurabh says Sreesanth should be evicted. Jasleen, Saba, Somi, Shristy, Surbhi says Nehha should be evicted. Bigg Boss says the eviction depends on public votes. Sreesanth gets eliminated of the house and Bigg Boss asks Karanvir and Nehha to go back to the house. Dipika and Karanvir break down in tears. Surbhi gets upset with the eviction and says Sreesanth is much better than Nehha.

Sreesanth Joins Anup Jalota in the secret room.