Anup Jalota and Jalseen Matharu are making headlines in Bigg Boss 12 for some obvious reasons. After both of them talked about their relationship on the premiere episode, people speculated that it was just for the sake of the show. In fact, the news also came out as a big shock for Jasleen’s family. Her father, Kesar Matharu stated that they will never approve of her relationship with Anup. In the last few episodes, we saw that Anup broke all his ties with Jasleen as he was hurt that she refused to destroy her clothes and makeup during the nomination task.

Jasleen’s father has reacted to Anup’s decision saying that it will benefit both of them and he is very happy. While talking to Indiatimes, Kesar said, “I am very happy with their breakup, earlier I used to think that the minute my daughter will come out, I will make her understand that whatever she is doing is wrong. Now, we don’t have to do anything. Their breakup announcement is such a relief for us. I am very happy. Anup took a good decision; it will benefit both of them.”

He further said that there is a huge age gap between Jasleen and Anup which will definitely create problems for both of them in the future. He added that he will always suggest her not to keep the relationship with Anup.

When the Bhajan king announced his breakup in front of housemates, they tried to convince him that he is doing wrong. However, the singer made it clear that he is not going to change his decision.