In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 12, Dipika and Deepak’s team discuss the luxury budget task. Soon after the task begins, Dipika accuses Deepak of misbehaving with the other contestants in the house. She says that he does not deserve to stay in the house. Deepak accuses Megha of his misbehaviour. Jasleen and Somi who are the ones to make the final judgment decide on hearing Megha’s opinion about all the allegations made against her. Megha defends herself and said that she has only fought with two contestants and they are Rohit and Deepak. Jasleen and Somi gave their judgment and declared Team Deepak as the winner of round four. Megha gets furious at Deepak and calls him a langur.

Sreesanth makes an assumption on who will get evicted this week and says Jasleen might be the one. Dipika accuses Deepak of misbehaving once again. Deepak, puts his allegations on Sreesanth. Deepak defends his actions and changes the topic. The next round of the task was won by Dipika’s team. Sreesanth says he will not participate since it is his father’s birthday. Dipika asks him not to do so. Deepak continues to accuse Sreesanth of disrespecting everyone in the house. Dipika comes to Sreesanth’s rescue and defends him. She says he is entertaining and deserves to stay in the house. Sreesanth denies all the allegations against him. The next round was won by team Deepak.

Sreesanth calls Rohit a ‘piece of s**t’ and runs towards him to hit him. He heads to the bathroom and bangs the washroom door. He then gets into a heated argument with Rohit. Deepak, Surbhi and Karanvir give their support to Rohit. Surbhi, on the other hand, thinks Dipika does not deserve to stay in the house. Sreesanth says that for him, his self-respect is way more important than money. Rohit and Surbhi try to poke Sreesanth when he asked Rohit to come in the washroom to talk. The last round begins. Jasleen and Somi now have a disagreement. Since the two could not settle on a judgment, Bigg Boss cancels the last round. The task ends with a draw. Deepak called Jasleen gaddar just before the show ended.