Bigg Boss 12 has garnered a lot of interest and it is not only the show, but its contestants as well. This year, the reality TV show came up with a new theme, ‘vichitra jodi’, and as usual it had a mix of celebrities and commoners, with the latter forming the jodis. It was an interesting bunch of jodis that entered the house, but the couple that stood out the most were Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu.

The reason Anup and Jasleen stand out is because the two are allegedly in a relationship and there is a huge age difference between them. When the news emerged about the two, everyone was shocked, and some questioned their sanity.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/shilpa_shinde_official

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/shilpa_shinde_official

But their relationship is no different from the countless many, as Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde pointed out in an interview with Pinkvilla.

“Anup ji is not an isolated example of such relationships to feel weird about it. I don’t think it is wrong if two people are compatible and have developed a bond after staying together. Earlier, it was said that female should be younger than men but today the definitions have changed so if the society can accept that then why not this?” she said.

“Also, to target him for his profession is not correct. People should keep professional and personal different. A lot of people do a lot of things behind closed doors, to accept a relationship in public is not easy,” she added.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of drama in the Bigg Boss house with Sreesanth threatening to walk out in the last episode after a verbal spat with the Khan sisters.