Bigg Boss 12 latest updates: Salman Khan wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali. He gave a recap of the previous episode. All the four nominated contestants Romil, Surbhi, Deepak and Somi were given a chance to give punishment to the housemates who they think deserved to get nominated. They took Jasleen, Shivashish, Shrishty and Rohit’s names. The host interacted with the all the contestants.

He made fun of Karanvir’s sartorial choices and then went on to pull Deepak’s leg talking about Romil’s idea of making a sacrifice for Somi. He then went serious and slammed Deepak for commenting on Jasleen’s personal life. Salman also lashed out at Surbhi for supporting Deepak. Both of them apologised to Jasleen.

Salman asked Sreesanth the reason he nominated Deepak. The former cricketer stated that he did so because he found him a tough competition. Romil interrupted saying that he just wanted to break the Happy Club. Salman then said that Sreesanth is the new mastermind of the show.

Karanvir became the new captain of the house. During the task he got into verbal argument with Romil. Dipika’s sanchalan was also questioned by the housemates. Salman also made fun of the actress. He asked contestants if they found her the worst sanchalak. She was sent to the torture room.

Preity Zinta joined Salman on stage. She interacted with him and they played many funny games. She came on the show to promote her upcoming film Bhiayaji Superhit. She also entered the house and gave some interesting tasks to the contestants.

Salman told housemates that he will reveal the name of the eliminated contestant in the next episode. He also informed that the prize money will be on stake and one housemate will get immunity.

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