Bigg Boss 12 Written Update: Nehha Pendse and Dipika Kakar discuss that Sreesanth doesn’t know who cares for him. Somi Khan and Deepak discuss Dipika’s behaviour calling her fake. The latter breaks down while clearing out things with Sreesanth. Romil Choudhary enters the house with Surbhi Rana. The new entrant interacts with housemates.

Surbhi reveals that she had a crush on Sreesanth during her school days adding that she is his admirer. Housemates wake up to another peppy song. Nehha tries to clear out things with Sreesanth and apologised to him. However, the latter is sure that she did it just for the camera.

Bigg Boss announces the nomination task in which a person from the jodi will be kidnapped by a celebrity. The latter can demand anything from the other member of the Jodi as ransom.
If the other person fails to do then the Jodi gets nominated and if not then the celebrity who has challenged them will be in danger zone.

Anup Jalota becomes the bandhi. In order to free him, Dipika tells Jasleen to destroy all her clothes, makeup and also to chop hair. She then tries to negotiate. However, Dipika doesn’t agree.

After Shivashish convinces her, Jasleen gets ready and then breaks down into tears. Later, she decides not to do it. This makes Anup sad. Jasleen and Anup become the first nominated jodi of this week.

Anup is unhappy with Jasleen’s behaviour. He says that Jasleen has hurt him and he is breaking his Jodi with her.