In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth Shukla flirts with Madhurima Tuli. The latter also plays along and acts kinky. Later, she goes to Vishal Aditya Singh and hugs him and says that she will take care of him and will never fight with him again. Shehnaaz enters and teases her to not hug Vishal in front of Siddharth as he is in love with her. Siddharth looks at the couple from the glass door and Madhurima blows the kiss towards him. He then shows the gesture of catching the kiss.

Meanwhile, Arti, Paras, and Mahira talk about Madhurima and Vishal and how they fake love for each other. The next morning, Siddharth and Madhurima talk about Vishal and says that she reacts at times. She then tells Siddharth that ‘he is freaking cold’.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz breaks down into tears after Arti jokes with her of being jealous. Siddharth goes and convinces her and calms her down.

During the captaincy task, Bigg Boss cancels the task and punishes Mahira, Paras, and Asim for making the task get cancelled. While Asim’s team wants Rashami to be the next captain, Siddharth’s team wishes to make Paras the captain. During the task, Rashami takes a dig at Siddharth and burns his poster making him out of the captaincy. On the other hand, Vishal burns Arti’s poster and says that she will be biased and give no work to Siddharth. However, by the end, Asim, who has Rashami’s poster and Paras, who has Asim’s poster, get into a fight. Mahira, who has Paras’ poster, denies to burn it and says ‘Bigg Boss has given me Paras’.