Arhaan Khan‘s journey inside Bigg Boss 13 house is not going to be so smooth now. And if the reports surfacing about him are true, then he doesn’t even deserve a smooth journey either. A report in Pinkvilla reveals that Arhaan has been misusing Rashami Desai‘s money the way he clearly should not. Arhaan entered the house as a wild card entry. Before entering the house, his girlfriend Rashami trusted him with her finances and even handed over her house keys to him. However, as revealed in the report, Arhaan floundered with the money and also involved her family members in the entire scene. The report mentioned that Arhaan’s family members started living in Rashami’s house after she went inside the house.

A source close to the actor told the portal that while she has been inside, Arhaan has been spending her money on things that he knows the best and there’s no account of how much has he spent so far. The source further adds that after Arhaan re-entered the house, his family members packed their bags to reside at Rashami’s place. “All this is happening while Rashami is completely clueless about it. Her close friends and family members are witness to the whole tamasha happening but their hands are tied,” says the source.

If all this is true, Rashami seems to be living with a lot of lies. In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman also revealed that Arhaan is married and has a child. Rashami was not privy to these details.

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