In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai can be seen discussing who has her house keys other than the people who she has given them permission to enter inside the house. Earlier, during the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode, Salman Khan had asked Arhaan if his family members or anybody else is staying inside Rashami Desai’s house. He answers that he does not know if anybody is staying in the house. Later even Vikas claimed that he has heard that somebody is staying inside Rashami’s house.

Now, Arhaan has revealed that some man named Rahul is staying inside the house and Rashami gets upset after knowing the fact and end up getting into a fight with him. However, they do not reveal that who is this ‘Rahul’ and what connection do they have with him. Later, Rashami is seen crying and try convincing Arhaan over her reaction to the news.

Earlier, Salman Khan exposed Arhaan’s truth about his marriage and child. Surprisingly, Rashami had no clue about Arhaan’s child but she knew about his marriage. Rashami broke down into tears and wanted to quit the show. Seeing the situation go out of the hands, Salman decided to go inside the house. Upon entering, he told Arhaan that he has committed the silly mistake by not telling the truth to Rashami.

Recently, Arhaan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa talked to a news website and said Arhaan hid the news of his marriage from her too and she was equally shocked to know about the kid. She revealed that she came to know about Arhaan’s first marriage and the kid from the same episode in which Salman revealed the news to Rashami and the audience on Bigg Boss 13. She added that when she connected the dots, she found out that Arhaan got married in the year 2011 because he was in a relationship with her then. Amrita alleged that Arhaan suddenly went away for a year and then one day, he came back to reveal he had gotten married. The actor said when she reacted to the news, Arhaan started laughing and revealed he had been joking about his marriage to fool her.

She added, “He totally vanished for a year but then one day he called me and told me that I got married and later denied it saying I am joking. So, that is the kind of person he is.”