Seems like both the audience and the contestants have already chosen their favourite in Bigg Boss 13. The way actor Siddharth Shukla is performing the tasks and handling situations inside the house, he has definitely emerged as the most loved contestant inside. Siddharth was already one of the most anticipated names to be entering the ‘bigg’ house this year. However, now when his fans can see him beyond his on-screen image, the actor seems to be falling at par with all the expectations.

The first task of the show in which the contestants were divided into two teams challenged Siddharth both physically and mentally. And yet the kind of courage he showed by staying in the game and completing the entire task is appreciable. Siddharth hasn’t only increased his own fan-following but has also set the level high for others to perform in the task in the very beginning of the show itself.

In the Wednesday episode, his entire body was smeared with cow dung, his legs were waxed, shaving cream was applied on the burning area where his skin was fresh from waxing and he was even made to suffer the pain of burning ice on his neck area. But, the man didn’t give up. He dealt with all the torture and kept smiling. Even after the task was over, he showed no reservations with the way the opposite team tortured him. He didn’t complain, he didn’t shout at anyone. Instead, he made the entire pain look like a cakewalk for him. Siddharth didn’t only finish the task but proved that perseverance and a strong will can take a person to places.

Later, he gave another example of mindfulness. Siddharth hasn’t participated in any trivial argument or an unnecessary fight in the house. However, when one of the members of his team – Aarti Singh teared up following personal attacks by the opposite team, Siddharth schooled her. He told Aarti that she didn’t need to shed tears or feel bad over what the opposite team was saying to torture her in the game. Siddharth made Aarti understand the importance of ignoring things that don’t matter and concentrating on winning.

Well, being both physically and mentally strong is the only thing that a Bigg Boss winner must have and Siddharth has shown he is the master of both! Let’s wait and watch to see his interesting journey on the show!